Stravi believes it is important to aid upcoming and young artists. A gallery was created to this means whereby artists can exhibit their works for promotion at a physical location in Vught, as well as on this website. At our location in Vught, artists and interested parties can directly contact each other, and art objects can also be sold. Stravi hopes to be able to build a bridge with this gallery between the clients of Stravi, such as museums, auctioneer's, commercial art galleries, art collectors, and other interested parties on the one hand, and the artist on the other hand. The gallery is fully free of charge; no costs for renting the gallery or commission on the sales are therefore included. For more information you can contact us.


An overview of various works which have been exhibited by us is presented below.


Leslie Segeren


Firstly, we show you a selection from Leslie Segeren’s collection. During the end of the 1980s, Leslie Segeren attended the ceramics education SBB in Gouda. Subsequently, she enjoyed further education at the ‘s-Hertogenbosch art academy. After not having done anything with clay for years, she picked up on her passion again and decided to open up her own atelier. By the end of 2007, her plan became reality. Her own atelier was born, where Leslie can be found almost daily ever since, working on her objects in progress. Her objects emerge by continuously experimenting and playing with organic shapes. What strikes in her work is repetition. Just like in nature, this play of rhythm sees to balance and power. Renewing sculptures arise, the result of drudgery, sometimes functional, sometimes not - it is up to the viewer to decide. Link to the website:


Opening hours
Visits upon appointment: (+31) (0)73 656 18 66 or send an e-mail to:, or if indicated freely accessible.