kwaliteit in vitrines

The models we carry have a modern and modest appearance, so that they seamlessly connect with your presentation. Your valuable product must be in the spotlight and should attract all attention.


We choose for a long lifespan of the showcases and therefore for durable materials and careful maintenance to the showcases. Because of this, our showcases guarantee ease of use for years on end, contrary to many other suppliers. We guarantee that all showcases are in top condition and are delivered spotless. Our clients from Germany have a word for this: Gründlichkeit.

Uitgebreid assortiment

Our collection consists of a large number of showcases that are applicable for a broad range of options. Take a look here for a complete overview of our collection. A number of our showcases is not only for sale, but also for lease. Please inform about the options.


Apart from that, it is possible to provide you with made-to-measure solutions. By means of our own workplace and a team of specialists, almost all wishes can be implemented. Special lighting, deviating dimensions, and personalisation are all possible. More information on the options of made-to-measure solutions can be found here.

Uitgebreid assortiment

In the Outlet of Stravi Vitrines (showcases) you will find various models. Now you can purchase an Outlet model very profitably, and subsequently enjoy it for a very long time. The showcases are designed in such way that they will serve you for years in order to exhibit showpieces, collections, and vulnerable objects, as well as to protect them on the other hand.
The collection includes both new and trade-in models (those have for example be used at the PAN and the TEFAF for exhibiting art objects). If desired, modifications can be made to the showcase in our workplace at additional charges. Click here to check out our outlet.

Onze klanten

Stravi believes it is important to aid upcoming and young artists. A gallery was created to this means whereby artists can exhibit their works for promotion at a physical location in Vught, as well as on this website.