Stravi collaborates with a large number of partners. You can find a number of these partners below.


Eduard Strang Verhuizingen

The house transporter of Stravi sees to all European deliveries of showcases from and to art fairs. Eduard Strang (since 1881) is also specialised in the transportation of art & antiques, inside the Netherlands and throughout Europe. But also globally it sees to the transportation of art & antiques. In order to accommodate incoming art collections (from overseas destinations) safely, it has an approved customs bonded warehouse in Vught available. Collections can be stored under the best conditions for a shorter or longer period of time. For more information you can directly contact the art transporter via +31 73 6563300

Van Lanschot Chabot

Van Lanschot Chabot is one of the largest intermediaries in the field of insurances in the Netherlands. We have a long history and play an important role in the market as leading intermediary.

Vind Magazine

Vind is a contemporary public magazine on history, archaeology, art, and antiques. Keywords are: varied, captivating, professional, and visually very challenging. The title Vind (“Find”) stresses that in this magazine anything can be found in the field of history, archaeology, art, and antiques. With the name we also wish to stress that we have an opinion on something, find something beautiful or not, and experience things in a certain way. Except for the fact that Vind has a number of fixed sections, such as a guest column, extensive museum and auction agendas, a discussion on a painting, the determination of a unique object, and a word is explained etymologically, plenty of subjects are under discussion which are presented in an accessible and exciting way.

Tableau Fine Arts

Tableau Fine Arts Magazine is an independent magazine on fine arts and antiques which is published in the Netherlands since 1978. Extensive articles on Old Masters and modern painting, as well as other expressions of art are discussed in each issue.

Tableau has its own correspondents in New York, London, Paris, and Brussels. Tableau reports on exhibitions in museums, art shops and galleries, as well as the most interesting fairs at home and abroad. Apart from that, Tableau offers photo reports on and interviews with personalities from the world of art.

The Tableau Fine Arts Magazine is published by Pelican Magazines Hearst in Amsterdam as of 1 October 2008, and is published six times a year.


Germany’s oldest and most renowned magazine for art and antiques came into being in 1930 as a reissue of “Die Kunstauktion” (“The Art Auction”) under the management of artist and writer Walter Bondy.

In 14 issues per year, the reader is informed with image and text on art from all over the world. Furthermore, various issues from the past are discussed.


The Kunst & Antiek Journal/Collect (Art & Antiques Journal/Collect) pursues to inform its readers each month as broadly as possible on art and antiques. The magazine is not only a must for the active collector; the interested lover of art or antiques will also find much information in it.


Stabilo International. A name that gives many fair organisations in Europe and beyond an easy feeling. Quite right so, since already for over twenty-five years we see to it that complete fairs are constructed and fixed up - stand by stand. Because of that total approach the word “stand constructor” in fact does not suffice any longer. Fair constructor - that is the name that suits us better. We remain busy to be able to serve our clients faster and more professional. Also because of that reason, we have moved to a new and much larger business premises in Eindhoven on the Flight Forum development area, close to the airport, so that we can quickly get going anywhere in the world.